We have joined 7 small farms with the aim of requalify an heritage, rich in history, situated in one of the most beautiful sights of Marvão. 

Where before was an olive press facility, we have created a restaurant with two restaurant rooms, bar, a small shop with local and regional products, a terrace with one of the best views of the region and an art gallery.

The several houses, formerly inhabited by small farmers, have been recovered and requalified into comfortable apartments with simple and modern lines. Perfectly framed in the usual traces of this region.

Come on.

Visit us and discover that being in 7Quintas is like to be in the seventh heaven.

This project was recognized as one of great interest for the Municipality of Marvão and framed into the guidelines of the Operational Plan of Tourism of Alto Alentejo and into the concept of Strategy Provere INMOTION 2nd generation - Alentejo, tourism and sustainability, by CIMAA - Intermunicipal Community of Alto Alentejo.